Photoshop Free Alternatives: Canva

Photoshop Free Alternatives: Canva



There are many Photoshop programs on the market. Many of them are expensive, some are priced reasonably, but they offer a low amount of features. But is there any alternative? Should you spend hundreds of dollars on some high-end photoshop program? Of should you spend less money and be satisfied with what you get? We are happy to say that there is a better option there, and the best thing is that it’s free! Meet Canvas. Canvas is free web software that allows you to design your own pictures, to touch up pictures that you have taken and add whatever you want to them. So, we will tell you why Canva is so special, so let`s start.


What is Canvas?

So what is Canvas?  Canvas is designed to service that lets you design what you want in most simple way possible. You can choose from 11 available templates, or you can also with custom sized blank canvas. The designing process is simple, you put layouts in the background and touch them up. You will find many options with which you can improve your design.  Using Canvas is real, really simple, the whole software relies on drag-drop mechanic. So you can add, remove and edit elements with ease. Canvas also features a huge amount of images which you can search for, only thing is that most pictures are premium and you will need to pay 1$ per image. A better option is to upload your own photographs, which, in the end, is the point of this article. You can also use pictures that you have on your Facebook profile.

Canvas does not have an overwhelming amount of options that could confuse you. It has a few options that will never confuse you. This is very evident in color picker which is so easy to use. You will be able to change the color used in the text of some built-in glyphs. The only downside is that you will be able to choose from 5-8 colors that fit your general color scheme. If you want a color that more specific to your scheme, then you would need to use more standard color picker and choose the right color for your theme.


Is Canva good free Photoshop tool?

Not only that is a good free Photoshop tool, it is probably the best free photoshop tool and one that is simplest to use. Pretty much anyone who has even a little experience with using a simple application like the pain will be able to use Canvas pretty much instantly. You just can`t go wrong with Canva, it is free software. Pretty much every other free photoshop software is nowhere near the quality that Canvas offers you. Sure, Canvas is not perfect, it has some problems and features that are not really on point. For example, spending 1$ per picture can be really expensive. But if you have your own pictures, that you could just use them. There are no any other major problems with Canvas. If you want to learn how to use photoshop then Canvas is the perfect place to start.


Final thoughts:

Canvas is great browser software, you will be able to use it instantly. Canvas is meant for amateurs who want to learn how to use photoshop. Step by step you will be able to learn more about the photoshop and one day maybe become a professional in this field. Developers of Canva claim that this version is only 1% of what they have in store for us. We are really excited to see what will other 99% bring to this amazing software.



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