Things That You Need To Know About The Dark Web?

Things That You Need To Know About The Dark Web?


The dark web is a part of the “WWW” or the world wide web. However, it requires you to have special software to access this part of the internet. When you managed to get inside the dark web, you can finally have access to other services that are classified or hidden from the public just like any other regular web do. However not all sites are available to be seen if you go into the dark web, they are effectively hidden from the viewer but they are just not correctly indexed by the search engine, and the only way for you to have access to it is if you know the address of the site.


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There are some dark web facts that you need to know:

  • The dark web is used for the illegal market. The use of the dark network can the perfect place for people making deals that are illegal and shady. People would love to buy some product that isn’t approved by the law, and the dark web is the perfect platform to browse through. For examples are illegal firearm and drugs, which is paid for in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  
  • This is also where you can hire someone for an assassination attempt. Another thing that you can find when going to the dark web is the possibility of having to find the assassination market, where you can hire someone to assassinate a person with a price.
  • A place to be away from the government or any other law enforcement. Many people wish to undergo will use the dark web to keep themselves hidden and out of eyeshot. But this can be used by the journalist as well, but it is frequently used by a lot of potential and dangerous criminals to keep their dealings a secret.

There are many ways to get into the dark web, and one of this software is the I2P, TOR, and Freenet. But the most famous use is the TOR, and it is the most comfortable software package that is accessible for use. It can be downloaded as a bundle of software that includes a different version of Firefox that is configured for TOR.

Tor offers secrecy and anonymity for people who wish to have access to the whole dark web and bypassing the message through the network of connection, the Tor program relays which the signal is configured be send through the computers. The message is encrypted, so it is difficult to unravel it if you aren’t an expert hacker.

In regards to the question if the government can stop this dark and malicious web then it is only a matter of time for them to shut it down entirely, but no one is sure if they are going to do it. There are rumors that the government finds the use of the Dark web convenient for themselves. So it remains questionable.