LastPass: Full Review

LastPass: Full Review



In this day and age pretty much everyone should have a password manager app for securing all of your online data. We all know how dangerous and damaging can be if someone hacks your account, especially if those accounts are connected to your credit card. This is why password manager exists, to protect you from potential data stealing and etc. LastPass is one of the password managers that should protect you from all potential hacks and etc. But is it good enough? Will it protect you from potential attacks? We will tell you all about it in this review.


About LastPass:

You can find password managers that are cheap, some cost you more than 40$ a year. But LastPass premium will cost you only 12$ per year. This puts it on the low-cost side for a commercial password manager, but LastPass  4.0 Premium is full of high-quality features that will be very useful to you. Even the free version of LastPass 4.0 is full of features and offers more than some pricey password managers, which is amazing. But with the premium version, you will get even more and you won`t regret money that you spend on it, that is for sure.  You need to have the strong master password because password protects all the data that you have. In June of 2015, some hackers were able to steal some data from LastPass servers. But they were unable to decrypt any passwords or master passwords. Great thing is that even employees of LastPass can`t decrypt your data. This only show how much protection does LastPass offers you. After that leak, LastPass has informed their users that they should update their master password. Which only shows that LastPass cares about their clients.


How do LastPass works?

This is how it works. First LastPass captures your username and password when you log in on the secure websites, then it replays those credentials when you revisit a site. LastPass will also capture your login data when you sing up for a new account. Then when you need to create a new password, LastPass offers you to generate a strong password just for you. By default settings,¬† LastPass generator creates 12 character password which includes digits, small letters, and capital letters. But it would be better if LastPass created 16 character password by default for better security. You will be able to click on your browser’s toolbar button and pick up a saved site from the menu when you choose the site LastPass will automatically log you in. Then you need to create a strong master password. The master password should be memorable so you never forget it. Because master password protects all of your other login credentials, without it you can say goodbye to all of your login credentials. And you should definitely never tell anyone what is your master password if you tell them you potentially give them access over all of your accounts. So be smart and never give your master password to anyone. But there is an option to enable multi factor authenticator which will enable them to use an only master password to access your data. LastPass free version allows multi-factor authentication by using Google Authenticator, which is definitely a good option, there are much freer smartphone-based authenticator apps that can be used. If you have multi factor enabled, the only person that knows your master password and possesses you smartphone with installed authenticator can log in, and only you should be that person. There’s also a super low-tech multi factor option that involves a printed wallet-sized numeric grid if you want a simple solution.


In the end is LastPass great password manager?

LastPass is one of the best password managers on the market. Even the free version offers you so many options to keep you protected from any potential hacker attack. And knowing that hackers were not able to decrypt data that they stole only show how strong encryption and protection LastPass offers you. You just can`t go wrong with LastPass. With the premium option, you even get more, but the free version is quite enough to keep you safe, but if you want to feel even more secure then go with premium. All in all, LastPass is great piece of software that every person should use.


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