How to pick a WiFi password that works

How to pick a WiFi password that works



Wireless connection is now in pretty much every home, public building and other public places. Almost any electric device nowadays comes with wifi connection capability. It is so easy to use it, but that is also the biggest problem of the Wifi connections, they can be easily hacked and used by hackers for their own gains. That is why you need to do all that you can to protect your home Wifi network from any potential threats. So what can you really do to protect your Wifi network? Well, you need to have a strong password and for it, you can use a password generator software or create with your own head. And how to get a password that really works? We will tell you in this article.

1.Make your password long:

If you want to have a good password that will protect you from any potential threat then you should create a password that is long, at least 10 characters or more. This will drastically reduce chances that someone will get your password. It also reduces any chance that someone could accidentally guess your password. So, always be sure that you are using a long password. Because the long password is a strong password.

2.Mix it up:

When you are creating your Wifi password, don`t just use letters, you need to mix it up. Try to use a capital letter, numbers and etc. That will make your password very hard to guess and almost impenetrable, which is the main point of having a good password. If you create a password that is simple and without numbers, then there is a high chance that someone will be able to break it. Add as many numbers, upper case letters, lower case letters and special characters. By mixing all of those types of characters you will create pretty much unbreakable Wifi password. And that is the whole point, isn`t it?

3.Use the words that have special meaning to you:

This is very important. We all know when every year some websites put the list of most commonly used passwords. We all need to learn from that.  That is why when you are creating a password for your Wifi connection you should use specific word or number of words which would be only known to you or to a small number of people that you know. This will also make your password pretty much unbreakable. If you use 11 characters in your password, then there are more than 15,394,540,563,150,776,827,904 possibilities, which makes your password pretty much unbreakable. And those special words should not be something that you talk a lot about because someone could get a hint if you tell those words very often.

4.Use WAP2 encryption:

When you are trying to protect your Wifi network you should also consider getting some kind of encryption. A strong password is always a good option, but with encryption, your Wifi network will be much more secure. You should use WAP2 encryption because old WEP encryption can be broken in a matter of moments without any kind of special equipment. Hackers can do it with only simple browser add-on on their mobile phones. This is why WAP2 is great, it is latest security algorithm released that includes almost all wireless systems. You should definitely use it for the protection of your Wireless network.

5.Don`t give the password to pretty much anyone:

This should be a no-brainer but it is worth to mention. You should only give your Wifi password to people that you really trust.  Because you can never know what would some people do if you give them your password. They could use it to download data through your Wifi network and slow down your internet connection. They could use it to download data and to make your bill astronomically high. Just be sure to who are you giving your Wifi password.

6.Don’t use standard SSIDs:

Most of the wireless routers ship with the default wireless network name (which is known as SSID) and most users don`t even bother to change it. SSID is used as a part of the password by WPA2 encryption. If you don`t change it you could get in the serious problems because this gives hackers ability to prepare password lookup lists for most common SSIDs, which can speed up the password cracking process by a lot and enable them to test millions of passwords in a matter of seconds. By changing your own SSID you drastically increase the time that will take hackers to crack your SSID password and many of them will, in the end, stop bothering with yours and try to access someone else. So be sure that you change your SSID, it will make your life much easier.

7.Be creative:

This should be also one of those things that should be on the top of every list. You need to be creative while creating your Wifi password. Especially if you don`t have the words that have some special meaning to you. Try to think about words, a combination of numbers and special characters that would make sense to you and be very hard to find out by other people. That will allow you to have a very secure password that will be pretty much unbreakable.


Final words:

In this modern time, we can`t live without Wifi, we are all connected to it, and that is why we need to protect it as good as we can. We all can see what kind of danger we can be exposed if someone is able to break our Wifi connection. Even smart cars have the same problems, hackers were able to connect to the smart cars computer and pretty much take over control of the vehicle. We all need to realize how dangerous it can be if someone takes over control of the wireless networks. The first step is to create a strong wifi password, then use some kind of encryption. If we want to make the web safe place, then we need to start first with our home security and then look to the outside connections. Just be safe while surfing the web and using your Wifi connection and all will be good.

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